Temporary residence permit for employment purpose

If foreigner is interested in working in Slovakia and he is not a European Union national, he should meet different conditions depending on the type of residence, type of work he wants to perform, length of stay and other factors. Temporary residence for the purpose of employment may be obtained for:

  • Single permit: based on a confirmation on the possibility to fill a vacancy;
  • Work Permit;
  • Seasonal employment: for seasonal work  

Temporary residence for the purpose of employment may be granted for foreseen duration of employment, for maximum period of five years.

Where to apply for temporary residence for the purpose of employment?

  • At the diplomatic mission of the SR accredited to the country of the applicant’s citizenship;
  • at diplomatic mission of the SR accredited to the country of the applicant’s residence;
  • at the Foreign Police Department competent for the applicant’s place of the residence, if he resides in Slovakia based on a valid residence permit issued by Slovakia or another EU Member State, a granted tolerated residence, a granted national visa, if he/she does not need a visa to enter the Schengen Area, or if he holds a Certificate of a Slovak Living Abroad.

It is important to point out, that if applicant submits the application at the diplomatic mission, he will be interviewed for the purpose of a preliminary assessment of the application.

How to apply for temporary residence for the purpose of employment?

The application must be submitted in person on the official form and in the Slovak language.

The application shall be accompanied with following documents:

1. Valid passport;

2. Two colour photographs (3 × 3.5 cm);

3. Document on the purpose of residence

a) in case of SINGLE PERMIT

– labour contract or the employer´s promise to employ the applicant and a decision on the recognition of applicant’s education or a document on required education (only regulated professions)    

b) in other cases

– work permit, the employer’s confirmation that a work permit is not required or an international treaty.

4. Police clearance certificate (Criminal record extract) with apostille from the country of the applicant’s citizenship and the countries where the applicant resided for more than 90 days during 6 consecutive months in the last 3 years (not applicable when applicant wants to change the type or purpose of residence);

5. Document proving accommodation in Slovakia for a minimum period of 6 months, or for the entire stay if applying for a temporary residence for a shorter time (e. g. notarized affidavit on the ownership of a property; or Notarized lease contract – signatures of both the lessor and the lessee must be notarized; or Notarized affidavit of the property owner on the provision of accommodation – signatures of all property owners must be notarized; Confirmation from an accommodation facility (hotel, dormitory) on the provision of accommodation.

6. Document proving financial coverage of residence in the amount of subsistence minimum for each month of residence (the subsistence minimum represents EUR 268,88/month); if the duration of residence exceeds 1 year, in the amount of 12-times the subsistence minimum (i.e., 3.226,56- EUR). The above shall be evidenced by the employer’s confirmation on the agreed salary, or by an account balance confirmation in the name of the applicant.

7. Administrative fee in amount of EUR 165,50- EUR (if submitting the application at the Foreign Police Department) or EUR 170, – EUR (if submitting the application at the diplomatic mission of the SR abroad).

8. Administrative fee 4,50- EUR (for issuing a residence card).

If applicant applies for SINGLE PERMIT (a temporary residence for purpose of employment based on the confirmation on the possibility to fill a vacancy), the application will be accepted only if applicant submits valid travel document. Other documents may be submitted later.

Documents submitted with the application must not be older than 90 days at the time of submitting the application.

Should the document submitted with the application be notarized?

All documents issued abroad must be officially authenticated (apostille/superlegalisation) and translated to Slovak by a certified translator enlisted within the List of Experts, Interpreters and Translators registered with the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic

Signatures in affidavits, powers of attorney and lease contracts must be notarized. Copies of documents must be notarized.

How long takes the process until decision?

The authorities will issue a decision within 90 days from the date of delivery of a complete application.

Can a residence permit be renewed?

Temporary residence may be renewed, even repeatedly. Temporary residence for the purpose of employment may be renewed for maximum period of five years. It is required that the employment lasts (that the purpose for which the temporary residence was granted still exists) on expiry of the temporary residence, the right to work ceases, unless the renewal is made at least 90/30 days before the expiry of the current residence. The employer must report a vacancy to the Labour Office at least 10 working days (in the case of work permit), or at least 20 working days (in the case od a SINGLE PERMIT) before submitting the renewal application (or at latest on the day of submitting the application of there is no change employment)

Application for a residence renewal must be submitted in person at the competent Foreign Police Department no later than on the last day of temporary residence validity. The temporary residence is considered authorised (only) in Slovakia until the decision on its renewal is made.

The application must be submitted together with:

1. Valid passport;

2. One colour photograph (3 × 3.5 cm);

3. Employment contract, promise of employment or work permit

4. proof of accommodation in Slovakia (not applicable to an applicant regularly commuting to work across borders from neighbouring country);

5. proof of sufficient financial means

6. administrative fee in amount of 99,50- EUR     

7. Administrative fee in amount of 4,50- EUR (for issuing a residence card)

What can we do for you?

  • Preparing and submitting a residence permit application for employment
  • Communicating with your new employer regarding labour contract
  • Communicating with your landlord regarding lease contract
  • Preparing all necessary documents, providing consultancy and information
  • Representing you in the procedure and accompanying you during interviews at the Foreign Police
  • Assisting with the translation of documents
  • Preparing affidavits or lease contracts for applicants.

Why use a lawyer?

There are usual mistakes when applying, namely incomplete documentation, faulty, incorrectly verified documents, officially incorrectly translated documents into Slovak language, communication with authorities, because of language barrier. We are ready to assist you and accompany you throughout the process until successful ending.

         Do not hesitate to contact us via phone number +421 915 980 808 or e-mail: kornhauser@ak-ak.sk.

         This article is no legal service. Each legal advice must be always considered legally and factually individually.

Temporary residence permit for employment purpose
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